People Place Purpose

SCH strives to continually improve our people-centred and social justice focused service model. SCH offers responsive, creative and intentional ways to support diverse communities members have security, a sense of belonging and connection.

South Community Hub (SCH) exists as a safeguard, advocate & responsive service provider for culturally & linguistically diverse citizens in the south Brisbane community regions.  

We work from Moorooka, the place where many diverse businesses were inspired or established. Moorooka holds feelings of hope, home, community connection and inclusion for many Australians, many have come from all around the globe and have found a sense of belonging in Moorooka. 

SCH brings culturally safe, accessible and socially justice focused community services, education & programs while collaborating with industry & social partners to co-create empowered, inspired & connected shared futures.  

SCH Inc work for a world where all people are safe, supported & empowered to co-create local communities that celebrate diversity, social & cultural differences with peace, justice, mutual respect & care.  


What We Do

Filling the spaces where culturally & linguistically diverse communities often need vital, aware & responsive support systems, caring connections & practical advocacy

  • Family & Sexual Violence Prevention

  • Community Engagement & Advocacy

  • Community Connection Events & Workshops

  • Empowered partners with culturally aware & responsive support

  • Culturally Responsive Service Coordination

  • Culturally Aware Business Support & Mentoring

How We Do It

Through grants, donations, social enterprise and volunteer support SCH delivers responsive education and community wellbeing workshops & programs, collaborates with social and industry partners to foster culturally safety & awareness in education, health, human services & justice engagements

  • Creating a hub of connection for diverse individuals and groups to share & grow

  • Local In-House themed workshops for culturally and linguistically diverse groups & individuals

  • Culturally Responsive Training & Consultation Support

  • Sector & Department Collaborations in Responsive Policy Initiatives

  • Culturally Aware & Community Driven Programs

Why We Do It

We are here to fill the space where cultural responsive, creative and awareness is required to meet goals of safety, personal & community development for Moorooka & Surrounds established and emerging cultural groups & communities. 

SCH works in collaboration with local, state & federal government departments and numbers industry partners to deliver highly effective, responsive and essential support to children, families, individuals & businesses.