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Men Managing Change is a series of family violence prevention micro-movies which emerged out of a two-year community conversation about preventing family violence and a series of workshops at a Multicultural Men’s Shed exploring men's understanding of their rights, cultural attitudes and change. The videos open a dialogue about how men might look at their behaviour and adapt, so as to improve chances to form respectful relationships with partners based on equality. The project engaged with men and women from newly settled communities and found that many don’t know the full legal meaning of family violence, some accept family violence as normal, and some men see the system as threatening their manhood and favouring women. The videos were created by the South community hub (SCH) and Refugee and Immigration Legal Service (RAILS) with support from specialist family violence agencies. Funding was provided by Department of Social Services and Legal Aid Queensland.


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SCH Inc draws from research and journal articles from across sectors to offer leading practice in community services & responsive cultural support.   

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